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I have been trying to rotate an image for a while now but I cant get it to work right. It seems to be rotating the image not the whole canvas.


I am trying to rotate the image, then resize it , then save it, and store the details in my db. The only thing I cant get working right is the rotation (it works but clips parts of the image and fills portions with black space. Must use GD as I don't have ImageMagic


Can anyone tell me how I can rotate the image and not loose any part of it due to hanging over the sides.


I will give you free advertising on the website I will be using this on if you can help me. http://myiphonebackgrounds.com I would be happy to give you a permanent banner along the side of all pages or put in the top banner rotation plus a friends site link.


my source variable is $oldImage and I would like to store the rotated image into that same image file. the size of the imgae is in $width and $height. for now I would like to rotate the image 90 or 270 degrees but in the future I would like to do more.


thank you for your time.

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It is rather trivial. You need to make your canvas BIGGER first, THEN rotate the image and finally CROP it to the correct size to remove the white/black extra space that was added.


That 's all.


Also, your site has a rather huge security bug...

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