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Branden Wagner

include if variable exists in document

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I dont know if this can be done... or should be done.
ive written a module system, and at the moment you have to go to mod_settings.inc and make each line

$mod_name = "";
$mod_type = ""; // cust,admin,billing,extra,other
$enabled = 1 // 0 or 1

is there a way i can include a file based on whether it contains those variables. all modules are stored in the modules directory.
and i want to include all files which have $mod_type="cust"; in my customer modules list.


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I'm not sure what you mean.  Do you mean you have the folder modules then it has other folders?  And you want it to look for $mod_type in every file?

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yes, i want it to include the file


but only if in the file i wish to include the variable $mod_type = "cust"  exists else ignore it...

if($mod_type == "cust") # is contain
{ include($module) }

but i figure im going  to do it this way....
$dir = MODULES ."/". $type ;
if (is_dir($dir))
        if ($dh = opendir($dir))
                while (($file = readdir($dh)) !== false)
                        if($file != "." && $file != "..")
                        { include_once($file); }

so if they dont specify which module they want they get the generic.... but now i will just split up the modules into folders by type and this should fix it..

sooo.. uhh.. just ignore my question i just answered it myself.. i just had to think a bit longer

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