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PHP/Excel prob

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I am building bar to show the daily goal and what they are at all through the day.
I am basing it pretty much of this one: http://www.wynia.org/wordpress/2005/10/06/css-and-html-goal-meter/
The data that i want to pull from is on an Excel spreadsheet that is updated through out the day and also gets data off of mulitple other excel files. I just need to pull one # off that spread sheet and put it so it will automatically update the barchart.
If im not mistaken there is a string i can enter to pull from the excel spreadsheet field, am i correct?
If not would it be easier to make a little page where the management could enter a number and it directly update the barchart??
Any suggestions will be helpful..ill check this as much as possible

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Guest docseussman
I don't believe that PHP has any native functions for 'simply' reading an Excel file, maybe as a COM or ODBC object, not sure. If if were my problem I would probably approch this situation from another direction like using Excel's ability to save a page as XML data, PHP is readily able to read and parse an XML file.

My 2 cents,

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