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SMF User login/out integration with classifieds

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What I'm wanting to do is integrate the SMF user authentication for AlsClassifieds
and retain public browsing.
This could be a [PAID] situation depending on how much.
I have all the scripts but not the know how to do this..
At the moment they are on seperate domains, I can easily install all to TheWantAds.Info

The links:
Alsclassifieds installed here.

Forwarded to: my-yardsale.com

SMF/TP installed here.
the classifieds are in an "iframe" accessible from any main site page via the "The Want Ads" logo.
I also have the dhtml (F1) slide/side navigation here.

WebHost: [url=http://www.1and1.com/]1&1 Business Package[/url] : Server: Linux-PHP4.4.2 & 5-Mysql/phpadmin

SMF: [url=http://www.simplemachines.org/]Simple Machine Forum[/url] 

TP:  [url=http://www.tinyportal.net/smf/index.php]TinyPortal[/url]  free script portal/CMS package/plugin to SMF.

Alsclassifieds: [url=http://www.almondsoft.com/alcl.html]Almondsoft Classifieds pro[/url].

Thank you for any help!!

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