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upload file to location outside of webroot?

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Is it possible to use a form to upload a file to a location outside the webroot folder? I've been able to do it anywhere within the webroot.

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Try using a virtual directory.  This description assumes you have Administrative priviledges over the server in question.

In the IIS manager right click the name of your site, and select New-->Virtual Directory.  This will take you through a series of dialogs where you select an alias, and the physical location of the directory (this could be anywhere).  In your PHP code just use the alias as your target directory.

You will want to pay careful attention to your NTFS and IIS permissions for the physical directory.  IUSR will need write permissions to copy the file, though if this is implemented carelessly it could pose a security risk.

I recommend the above approach, but I've also accomplished this by using the absolute path to the directory (i.e. D:\uploads\).

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