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please help with links


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hello everyone .. i am pretty new to php programming and web development and i need to ask this. i have designed a few websites for my clients and i am getting better and now i have started learning php to add dynamic feel to the websites. my question is whenever i create links in my pages i do something like <a href="index.php">HOME</a>, <a href="aboutUs.php">ABOUT US</a> and so on. So i uploaded the website and whenever i view the source code the links appear exactly like that yet in other professional websites i have seen i always see something like <a href="http://www.facebook.com/home.php">HOME</a> for example.

what am i doing wrong. how can i make better links to other pages. what is the use of building links in that format. thank you.

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wait, sorry i am not understanding. okay i got a couple of more questions.


let's say i have purchased a domain called www.mydomain.com and there are a couple of files under this domain like index.php, aboutus.php and contactus.php, then i create a subdomain called sub.mydomain.com where i save some php files for example a script that sends mail. so in the form on the contactus.php what will i place on the action ie <form method="post" action="?">


another question is in my website i have some php configuration files like the database connection and other scripts that perform important functions. however when i try to require a php file into one of my php pages i get an error. why is that and how can i include or require php files easily.


eg require("http://mydomain.com/phpfiles/myphpfile.php");  // does not work


thanks for all the help.

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oh i see.. thanks .. so is it a good idea to keep php files out of the www directory? my web host directory is like this

- mydomain.com










is it more secure to create a directory for my php files outside the www directory and call them using <?php $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/myDirectory/myfiles.php"; ?> as you mentioned?



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it really dosen't matter, it saves you a step...  I usually keep files like config.php a directory back from www just in case file associations might get screwed up, other code can/should be kept in www dir.

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