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even height columns


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[quote author=AndyB link=topic=102151.msg405085#msg405085 date=1154089133]
If there were, I'd expect to have seen it somewhere at ALA or CSS Play.  I think you're out of luck.

agreed. keep an eye open on ALA, CSS Play and StopDesign for articles concerning specific CSS questions like this. in the meantime, faux columns are about the only way to reliably go.
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Moberemk's reference is probably the closest you're going to get to ... but even that includes this notation:

[quote]So, the end result may be that the actual usefulness of the equal heights technique is in exposing flaws in certain rendering engines (whether it's Safari and Opera or Explorer and Gecko that get it wrong I leave for others to decide).

Fortunately for me, it's the technique that I'm least concerned about since there's always Faux Columns to fall back on. And even more fortunately I covered myself in the article by saying that Faux Columns would probably remain the weapon of choice ;)
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