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Best solution for users online?


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Update a userid and timestamp with every page request.


I made a system like this a while ago :D


Check it out - http://www.jackpf.co.uk. Somewhere around the middle it'll say who's online, how many strangers etc. It also updates the location of the user, so I can figure out who's viewing what thread on the forum.


Clever but how long until they time out, for example like how long would it take for there name 2 be removed if they like canceled internet explorer.

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well as soon as there cookie/session expires then it would remove them, I use a simple method of online 1 being yes and no being 0

when they log in it set's online to 1 in the database and when they logout sets 0 to the database thus removing them from the who is online


pretty simple method


$sql="SELECT * FROM users WHERE online = 1";
echo "Username: ". $rows->online .";


Hope this helped you


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I am working on the same module. as you said once user is logged in,we can update coulmn from 0 to 1. but what for logout? i mean in my logout page only this code is there



$update = $op->runsql("UPDATE ".tbl_author." SET status = 0 WHERE id = '$userid'");



but this updation is not working for me. where you update your 1 to 0 status while logging out or on the log out page?


please help me.

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Logout ~

$sql1="UPDATE users SET online=0 WHERE username='". $username ."'";
  $result1 = mysql_query($sql1);


Login ~

$sql1="UPDATE users SET online=1 WHERE username='". $username ."'";
  $result1 = mysql_query($sql1);

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you must have two different pages like login.php and logout.php right?


so on login.php my status is getting changed properly. but not on logout.php


do you update your both the query on same page or like me on two different pages?

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for true user online, you would need to update the db each time a page loads to the perticular user... because just because you changed "online" to 1 (for logged in) dosen't mean that if I close my web browser I will get logged out in 10-20 mins.



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Yeah, but the problem with updating a database when users log in/out is that they might not necessarily log out. They could just close their browser which would result in them being displayed as online well....forever.


If you follow my method you avoid that, as you can time them out. I fetch all users with a unix stamp >= time() - 600, which is 10 minutes. So if a user hasn't requested a page in the last ten minutes, they're considered offline.


The ajax solution is basically the same, except it will check if the user is viewing pages as well. However, this would put a lot of strain on the server. Obv the more you update the database, the slower it's going to be.


But yeah, that's how I did it. Works well for me.

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