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Your thoughts on design to improve readability of address bar subdomains/URL's?

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Hi, I'm re-developing an application which stores a number of businesses and provides the user with a search tool where they can find a specific type of business closest to them.


The results appears in the address bar with the following format:




*int is the primary key used to build the results query.

*Category, represents a certain sub-category eg: 10 may = headlights which is a sub category of cars.

*Area may be the name of the town where the user chose to search for the category.

*Expand refers to a specific row in a table which may list a business which satisfies the first two constraints. For instance: you searched and received 10 results and chose no 10 from those results.


Therefore i can improve the readability of the search result by using strings eg:




However I would rather have a search result build an address bar link like:




What is the name for this process for altering the address bar to improve readability?


Where can i read up on how to do this?

Eg: online tutorial/textbook name.


*I assume there are tools in frameworks like zend to do this?*


thanks in advance :)

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You're talking about mod_rewrite.


You basically give instructions to Apache via a .htaccess file on how to interpret a certain link.

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