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Edit/delete entrys in my textfile based guestbook

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Hi there.
Now I have released my guestbook as version 1.0.
It can be found at [url=http://php.xeroxer.com]http://php.xeroxer.com[/url].
Though for some further development I want to edit the admin area.
Because of the way it prints into the textfile all the entrys end up in it's own row.
Witch makes it so that I can print it out and create a text next to it with delete and edit.
The thing I need help with is how will I make this.

How can I print out the guestbook entrys on the site and with a delete or edit text next to it.
And if you press the delete button it automaticly deletes the whole row and if you press the edit button it opens a new site with the guestbook form but the text from the entry is in the fields already.
Also I would like to somehow unvisible store ip och the user that wrote the entry.

This might be hard to understand but if someone does please help me...

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