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[SOLVED] Exception capture is broken


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I have an error in my application but I cannot debug it because the exception capturing seems to be broken. Before, when there was a problem I would get a whole trace that would help me pinpoint where the error occured. Now all I get is

message ?>
Exception information:

Message: exception->getMessage() ?>
Stack trace:

exception->getTraceAsString() ?> 

Request Parameters:

request->getParams()) ?> 


I started nothing this when I installed Marc Liyanage's Php5 package. When I call zf from the command line (to create a controller or an action) I get the following message

Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library './pdo.so' - (null) in Unknown on line 0

Do you think the two  problems are related? How can I get a full stack? It's impossible for me to debug without. Thanks


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Looks like your exception handler may be having issue with short tags or something if its spitting out code. Can we see your script?


As for the other (pdo) error. I would say that is unrelated. Whatever php5 package it is your talking about would seem to have a broken pdo extension.

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