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unset and refresh

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I want to include an option on my page which when pressed by a user will unset a variable and then refresh the page with variable now unset.

Is there a way of doing this?

I have included an example of code where this would be relevant

//display the users selected country details
if(isset($countryid)) { echo "<font color='red'>"; }
echo "Country - ";
if(isset($countryid)) {
$countryrow = mysql_fetch_row($countryname);
echo $countryrow[0] . "only."; }
else { echo "NOT LIMITED"; }
if(isset($countryid)) { echo "</font>"; }

So in other words when variable $countryid is set, the above produces a country name and is highlighted red, when its not set it states "NOT LIMITED".

I want a button that can be pressed when variable is set that will unset the variable and refresh page to show this has taken effect.

any ideas?

Many thanks

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[code]<form name="test" id="test" action="samepage" method="post">
<input name="whatever" id="whatever" type="submit" value="change" />
WHen they click that change button
on the same page, it will refresh the page, have it run the following code or example.

if (isset($_POST['whatever'])) {
Just modify it to meet your needs.

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