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Please, critique my new site freelancejobsusa.com


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It's a good start.

Your objects are all broken apart the header is to the left, the content below the header is centered, the middle banner is all split apart, and everything else is kind of centered.

Your links on the top: Home is fine, find freelancers is too much to the left, find jobs looks like its a little to the left, job center is too much to the right.

There are a lot more alignment and spacing problems throughout the site. If you fix those it looks like there is some potential.

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Thanks for the review.

What did you mean when you said my objects are broken apart?  Do you mean how the objects are positioned relative to each other, or that there is gaps/spaces in the objects ie. middle banner text is off, or there are spaces that shouldn't be there.

Be sure to check out the specialties for php.  I am interested to know what you think. 

Do I have too many specialties or not enough?
Do you like the idea of being able to specialize in a category such as PHP/MYSQL or PHP/Real Estate?
Are there any specialties you would add?


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I'm using Opera 9 and getting the same issues as the others.  Your photo in the yellow part is also VERY fuzzy... i'd try to sharpen that up or find a different one.  Other than that, I'd say you've got a nice looking site. I like the logo too.
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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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