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Test mail function on Win XP IIS


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I am building php pages on winxp with IIS.

1. I have downloaded and configured PHP and I am able to view my pages in IIS.

2. One of my php pages uses a mail function to send form info to an email, I have written a code for that

3. In my PHP.ini file, I have:


SMTP = localhost

smtp_port = 25

sendmail_from = me@example.com


4. In my SMTP settings I have added to both connection and relay under Access tab of SMTP properties.

5. SMTP is running


Now, I don't know how to test my mail function to see if I am able to send mail. Can you please help me?


Very very confused PHP beginner



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The best method would be to enable SMTP logging from within IIS Manager. Once you've enabled the logging of the SMTP traffic for the local mail server, you can then use you PHP mail() test page & check the log.



Below is a quick script mail() example if needed:


if(mail('user@mydomain.com','test subject','test message')){
      echo('not ok');






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