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[SOLVED] Dojo View question


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I am progressing in my exploring of the MVC model. Now I have a conceptual question about the view that needs to be answered before I move on. Let's say I want to build a rich user interface application which will basically be one page where the user will be operating. I want on the left side to be a tree and whenever the user clicks on an item on the tree, I would display the relevant information about that item on the right side of the screen. I simplify a lot but I would have two divs (divTree and divDetails and they would each be one part of the screen.


My question is how would I proceed? Should I have one big view that incorporates all that or should I have several smaller more modular views. Also, so far I have been working in silos where I would make one model, it's controller and one view. But it's not really realistic. If I have itemA and itemB they may map to each with their own controller, they may map to the same view. How do I adress that?

Thanks for any input.


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