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Question concerning FTP functions

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I am looking to use some of the built-in FTP functions (http://us2.php.net/ftp) in a script I am working on and I have a quick question concerning one of the functions: [b]ftp_put[/b].

Say I am going to call ftp_put(stream, remote_file, local_file, mode) . I am confused about the remote_file and local_file arguments: Remote file would be the source, correct? And local_file is the destination? Also, does this mean remote_file can be a file on the end-users computer (ie. a file path: C:\WINDOWS\whatev.exe)?

Thanks for any help,

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    The remote file path.

    The local file path. [/quote]

When you execute the command you put 'local_file' on the server as 'remote_file'.  In other words, remote_file doesn't have to exist, when the command is executed it copies local_file to the server as remote_file, even if the file names differ.

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