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allow_call_time_pass_reference error

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I've encountered this error more than once on my new shared host.

Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated - argument passed by value; If you would like to pass it by reference, modify the declaration of fsockopen(). If you would like to enable call-time pass-by-reference, you can set allow_call_time_pass_reference to true in your INI file. However, future versions may not support this any longer. in /home/.fringer/seriosbrad/seriosfm.com/modules/mod_shoutcastextended.php on line 24

How can I work around this, or fix it?

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remove all of the calls to variables by reference in your code.

Or, use ini_set to change the value of allow_call_time_pass_reference to true at the top of your page...however, that should not be a permanent solution, as the error states that it might not be supported in the future.

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