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[SOLVED] Firefox not centering td


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Argh.. I hate Firefox. This shows up fine in IE, everything always does. I code by hand, I know what I'm doing, yet firefox manages to make my life harder once again.



(Validated XHTML Strict)


In firefox/chrome/maxthon3, the three content td boxes are not aligned center. (although are forced if you view source.) They are further forced in the stylesheet.


Also, on the copyright footer, you will notice that the text is somehow showing up at the top, when it is clearly aligned "middle" in the code.



Is this a firefox bug? Does firefox have it's own rules when it comes to alignment?

I've ran into this problem a few times, previously I worked around them, wasting way too many hours so that firefox could show it up right.


Any ideas?

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The problem is actually internet explorer not firefox, chrome, maxthon3 etc - Did it ever occur to you that if only IE worked it was IE! :D I had this problem too many times when implementing joomla sites. In most cases get a browser detection script and write another css file for IE only - then again IE6-8 behave differently :(


If you wanted the 3 tabled elements Professional Graphic Creation, Web 2.0 Multimedia and Professional Full Website Creation i just looked at your code and you have each one as

<td align="left"...

Assuming this is what you mean just change to center instead of left? That works fine for me in FF3

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Uhh.. No. I don't want TEXT aligned center. I want the TD/table aligned center. Which it is in the source. It shows up right in IE, but not in firefox. (Chrome and Maxthon3, etc. use the same program source code; Mozilla.)





I have selected all text to show you the tables. The 3 TD's (with text content) have cellspacing around them (the blank borders aorund them). As you can see, the actualy table is aligned left.

I have setup a div wrap for the page, to center everything within the page. I then set the alignment in the actual three content td's, to "left". This does not align the td left, it just aligns everything that is within the td. IE shows this correctly. Firefox assumes that since I wrote <td align="left" in the actual td, it assumes that I want the whole block to be aligned left.

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