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PHP Alone or Mixed with HTML?

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I have just started messing around with PHP/MySQL though I have been working with Dreamweaver for some time.


Is there a preference to builing a page in HTML and inserting the PHP code where needed or shoudl s page be entirely built with PHP?


Though I guess as long as it works who is to say one is better than the other, but is one less prone to problems.


I am not a hand coder I am a hack and just ask questions, push buttons and read books till I get it. All the books i have been reading on PHP tall you how to code a complete sight but none say much about mixing PHP and HTML too much.


I will build a page in DW and even thoug it is saved as a PHP file there is more HTML on the page than PHP.


Just looking for some thoughts.



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Enter: Smarty


A templating engine like this should solve your problems of integrated PHP within your HTML pages. Great time to be introduced :)

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