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Cannot crack this..

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Im writing a script that should be simple but its becoming a pain. It reads a CSV file line by line, then splits the lines into an array (seperated by commas)

Here is the code
/* CSV to MYSQL conversion utitliy */
/* Author: Glen Elkins */
/* 08/2006 */

// Set variables
define ("APP_PATH",".");
define ("CSV_FOLDER","/csv/");
define ("CSV_FILE","contacts.csv");

// Open The File
$csv_data = file(APP_PATH.CSV_FOLDER.CSV_FILE);

// Just read the first line to test
            echo $csv_data[0];  -  displays the first line: uid,email,valid,optin,source

            $line = $csv_data[0];
$exploded = explode("&#44;",$line);

echo $exploded[0]; - should display uid but displays uid,email,valid,optin,source


Can anyone see the problem?

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oh! it does not. for some reason that didnt work before ...

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