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I want to beable to search account information by three options


Account Number

Phone Number

Company Name


I have the query working for each individually, but I think I need to create three different queries for it to work on the page, each query needs a place to put the info and I want to use the same page for the info display.


Working with record sets in Dreamweaver, I can accoplish what I want but lay out is a pain, I though I had a solutions using form fields but it looks like I can only insert one record set into a form field

<input name="AcctType" type="text" id="AcctType" value="<?php echo $row_Recordset1['customer_type']; ?>" size="20">


But can I manually insert multiple record sets?




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want to be able to search account information by three options


Don't know if this will help, but by the way I understand it one option may be to apply recordsets for all three results and only display the ones you want by using "show region" server behavior (can be applied to a recordset result directly)


Another option may be to link the tables or do a table join (foreign keys, etc), to help keep everything tidy and then simply drag the resulting recordset fields where you want them. Sounds as if you wouldn't need a repeat region for this.

(don't know if you have multiple accounts or listings for same company, etc)


I have a related situation, posted today (creating additional select menu; menu names and variables/the statement for this).


Hope this brought you closer.










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