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PHP CLI command line on Win XP Pro calling external page with cURL

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Posted 03 August 2006 - 12:22 AM

First of let me get this out in the open... I normally use PHP on *nix machines and with apache. this is a rare occasion.

anyway. I wanted to avoid using VBSCRIPT to process a local script running on a win xp pro box. Being that I know php pretty well, I thought I might try it to solve the problem of not knowing vbscript.

I have it running fine on this machine. even have it so I can just type in the php script name instead of c:/php5/php.exe before the script. Cool stuff.

I need to call a php script on another server when this runs and receive a response. (preferrably using POST). I had a test working with vbscript using MS's XMLHTTP.

Not knowing what else to use. I got a quick test working with cURL but it doesnt seem to like the curl_setopt settings. without them, it calls the page (As GET) and receives a response.

So my question is. is there a better method than CURL to receive a response from a script running on the command line? and how can I get it to use POST if I cant use curl_setopt.

Thanks for any help!



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