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odbc-connect across domain help

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My first post.

Sorry for not using the right terminology, i'm not very good at this...as you will see ;)



access database on server1 with IIS+PHP. odbc connection MsAcess driver.

PHP connects fine and reads database. I use no hostname, just the database name as named in the odbc-configuration on server.

( $conn=odbc_connect('Data','',''); )


However, on server2 (connection across internet), i have also the same odbc-setup (IIS+msaccess odbc driver).

How do i connect to this odbc?

I tried it using a url in my local setup, but even that doesn't work:



probably i'm talking bs, but i hope you understand what i mean :):) ;D

Both servers w2Kserverprof


Thank you very very much.



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