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Dreamweaver Recordset php mysql

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I need to see an example that involves what I need to do when I have a .php page that parses data to a results page in the form:




for instance. And, what I do with my dw recordset so that it can use this data to select, in this case yachts, from the db when a user has selected as above which could mean they want to see al the motor yachts in 3 areas of the world.


Now, I know I need a system to grab the data and make sure it is an array or make it into one for any multi select area and I know that a sub loop will be required to let the records be found. But here I really need some great big help!


At the end of the day, I need to know what to do to the two pages I have within DW and the already written recordset.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Best, Peter...


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