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Between Dreamweaver & the Internet - What's Next?

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I installed a preconfigured package with Apache, PHP and MySQL from Apache Friends. I finally figured out how to make MySQL tables. Next, I was able to get MySQL connected to Dreamweaver with the help of a tutorial at http://paul.ecommerce.hct.ac.ae/tutorials/...php/dwmxphp.htm


But what's next? The tutorial recommends that I use other tutorials to continue, but I haven't yet found any good tutorials.


If you look at the last picture on the last page of this tutorial at http://paul.ecommerce.hct.ac.ae/tutorials/...mxphp-part3.htm, that's pretty much what I see on my web page, so I must have done something right. But I thought I was supposed to get a TABLE. I purchased a book about PHP and MySQL, but it's proven pretty much worthless.


Can anyone point me to a tutorial that takes you from connecting to Dreamweaver to previewing a MySQL table on a webpage to publishing it to the Internet, preferably illustrated with pictures every step of the way? This stuff is just too complex to follow with nothing but plain text.



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Kind of a tough question as I have no idea how much you know.


Once you have a connection built to a database that has tables with information it is now time to think of how you are going to use that information in your web site.


I have built a customer based web site for the compny I work for and the tables contain customer information which I extract buy uiputed information.


How I started was bought a book on Databasing though DMX, it explained in ASP but ig gave me the start I needed to understand what I was doing, for the most part the steps are the same no matter what format you are using.


I woudl advice to check out a book on Dreamwaever and Databasing, the go from there. I have been only in it for a bout a month and I have my first site up and running, it is in testing and I can think of 100 things a day to make it better I am just now tryingt o find the answers to my question.


The book I got was Dreamwaever MX Complete Course. Databasing is only covered in Chapters 14-17 but it was well worth it for me.



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I am not completelly sure what you are trying to do, I use dreamweaver mx on the coding level, I really never use it on the display level. If you are trying to manipulate sql databases, I reccomend you get phpmyadmin. It is a web based database editing tool, you'll never have to touch any sql code until you use it in your pages.


I'm not sure if this answered your question, but I am happy to help if you might be able to elaborate for us.

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