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D-Link DI-634M want to run Apache locally for test of Ecommece software

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Hello everyone I am new here but to a lot of stuff Mac and Unix but I am no expert but I can find my way arround.

I contacted D--link about why I was getting time outs and 404 error and ping the ip address associated with the webserver gave me no host.

They gave me some giberish about having to set the router's IP in the HTTPD.conf file along with the IP of which is the IP I have set in the httpd.conf setting along with listen to port 80.  I asked them if I should add the somewhere in the router so when the address came from the browser it would know where to go once it hit the router.. they told me no which I fairly do not believe.

So can some one assist me in configuring Apache if it needs to be and the router to loop back the address to the webserver.

I am so hasseled by this some straight answers would be great.

Thank you.


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Follow up.
I looked in the console app and I noticed it said it could not bind to the IP address that I have assigned in the router.

Yet another clue.

I also can not access


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