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If you're talking about opening PHP files ("file.php") on your local machine, then no. Unless of course, you install PHP on your local machine. And I discourage the use of PHP on Windows boxes. Especially when people run it in CGI mode. I work in the support/development business....and I can't believe some of the numbskull questions I have heard Windows "Server Administrators" ask. I swear. Some deserve to get shot in the face they're so stupid.

So yea, why don't you use an editor that saves the changes to your code on the server real-time?
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umm, why would i want XAMP, when i have Apache2Triad?

i am looking for a GUI hack that makes files readable to the browsers for example C:/test.php would be the PARSED document if brought up in any browser, NOT a server, as i have 2 Red Hat 9 Servers sitting beside me...understand yet?
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You cannot run PHP code through the browser, as browsers dont uderstand PHP code and PHP is server side. So it needs a server environment in order to parse the files. If you want to run your PHP you'll have to upload your scripts to your website and run them there, or install Apache, PHP and MySQL (Apache2triad or XAMPP etc) locally on your PC. Save your php files to the htdocs folder and then goto http://localhost/filename.php to run the PHP file.

There is no windows hack to run PHP files through a browser. PHP files need to be parsed by the PHP Intepretor, which then sends the output, which is probably text/html, back to the server. The server sends the output back to browser. The browser then takes the output and parses the html/css/javascript.
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What you are looking for is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) an Java IDE can be found at: http://www.eclipse.org/ , ofcourse you don't wanna start programming Java, so you will need the php module, which can be found here: http://phpeclipse.sourceforge.net/

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