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Favorite Smiley?


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Cheers to everyone who helped implement the new line of smilies  :intoxicated:


Indeed! Looking spiffy  :tease-03:

I'll get back to the touche one if you guys are still on the fence (or not liking) the last proposed one.Later on, I can extend with more emoticons should the staff desire to do so.

In the meantime, woohoo! Icons we can call our own!

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If you, or anyone else for that matter, has suggestions to which codes should be assigned to which smileys, do say so. Some of them just kept their auto generated code from the file name.


You mean like ::afro:: =  O0  kind of thing?

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(By the way,  Nrg_alpha, I approve of the smoking smiley. That one owns.)


Cool! I'm glad you like it (hopefully, in time you'll like more of the others as well?).

Oh, and you forgot to use the thumb up icon like so:  :thumb-up:  (just razzin you  :tease-03: ).

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I was in the middle of transforming some of the codes and got pulled away.  I think I got the big ones but if someone sees an obvious one missing, please let me or one of the admins know (I think the mods can modify smilies as well).  They're all uploaded, just need to be played with.


And thanks nrg_alpha for all the work.  They look awesome.

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And thanks nrg_alpha for all the work.  They look awesome.


Thanks man  :D . Much appreciated. I noticed I accidently included the background with the sleeping emoticon.. I'll resend you that one with the transparent BG. My bad.



:thumb-up: But seriously, nrg_alpha, we need a QFT (quote for truth) smiley. There is no QFT smiley so thumb up is the best I can do. :(


Ah, I'll add that to the to-do list.

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or a google tag? or better yet? a let me google that for u tag!


like SO


just do like [omg=stupid ass question]TEXT[/omg]  and have it make an annoyed smiley with a link to that.


after [omg= it would just take that string and add it to  http:lmgtfy.com?q= (with the spaces replaced w/ + signs)




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what about tags like the m tags that dynamically generate a smiley holding up a sign that says that function and links to the manual entry (and says RTFM)


By this do you mean the name of the function (as raw text that php freaks auto inserts) ontop of a large blank smiley sign?



If so, it would require a) a large / long sign to accomodate longer function names, and b) some php coding to get the function name positioned properly on the image.

If I'm way off base on this, disregard everything I just said!  :keep_quiet:



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I was thinking more along the lines of for instance like how my sig is, only linkified.  The graphic you showed looks pretty cool.  So if I were to do for instance




the code would take what's between the tags, figure out the width needed for the sign, generate it with the smilies holding it up on either side, and wrap anchor tags around it.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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