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Favorite Smiley?


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Either one will work.  I guess I'm kind of leaning more towards the first one though.  Would be cooler if it were animated though. :P


Animating that one would be a bit of extra work.. I can return to that one and give it a shot (perhaps sometime this weekend).


In the meantime.. here is a what I was thinking for psychic:




When I did a google search on psychic, I started seeing plenty of 'gypsie' type figures (wearing a bandana / mini-cape).. figured this could be a cool direction to head in. So I made this 'gypsie smiley' peering into a crystal ball with circular hand motions, complete with subtle 'sparkle' and glow effects.



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I like it! But since the point of it is to convey either you don't have a crystal ball or else it's "in the shop" how about having it start out as is but then after a couple of frames it explodes or cracks in half or something?


Interesting concept, CV. I'll play around with that and see what I can come up with.

I was figuring an all general purpose psychic emoticon that could be used in multiple situations, like:


Initial thread post.. no code, samples or anything else...

I am using this: preg_match('#d+[^!()-]#', $str, $match).. why isn't it working?!?


Oh, let me just consult my crystal ball psychic_anim_test.gif Ah, I see what the problem is.. YOU DIDN'T PROVIDE ANY CODE OR SAMPLES!  >:(


Or the respose could have been:

You'll have to provide more information, as I'm not psychic_anim_test.gif <-- mouse hover shows 'psychic'.


But I'll give the ball exploding a shot and see what comes of it.

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Head banging against wall anim:




Interesting find while doing this one.. seems not all browsers are on equal footing when it comes to animated gif frame timing. Seems like Chrome doesn't honor the correct timing for frames with no-delay to very small times (like 0.05 seconds). So the 'blur' frame is a tad more noticeable on Chrome than say Firefox and Opera 10 (both of which seem to handle shorter frame times better). Perhaps Chrome will fix this in an upcoming release?


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So what about the crystal ball?  Any luck on the cracked/exploding ball version?  I think it's okay as-is; just thinking it would be a lot cooler if it cracked or exploded.


I will be working on that one next (took a break from that one to tackle the wall one first). I'll keep you posted once a newer version is ready.

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How about a smiley that comes up and smacks another smiley upside the head


lol I can see that as your most used smiley, ever!  >:)


If the remainder of the powers that be don't have an issue with a smiley slapping another (read - one forum member basically saying to another; 'If I could be there I would friggin' slap you right now!'), then I'll give that one a shot too. I just wouldn't want these forums to give off too bad of an impression (as tempted as such a smiley would be - I'm sure many members would have a field day with that one!)

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I could use it to portray what I want to do to my landlord, for example.  It doesn't have to be against another forum member, any more than any of the other smileys that could be used in  a negative fashion.  If we are going to give merit to a smiley based on what it could be used for, then we need to nix most of the smileys.

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While wayne is thinking about an animated penis, I gave the smacking behind the head a shot. I've avoided having the smiley getting smacked rub the back of his head afterwards in the interest of saving frames and keeping the animation short:






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Glad you like it  ;)


@CV, I could experiment with that.. I was thinking more along the lines of a generic head smack. Given that something like that would probably follow a quote of some sort...



I'm a l33t php h4ck0r, so I noez what im talking ab0ut! Doan argue whit me!
anim_head_slap.gif whatever!


That kind of thing. But I'll play around with the blah effect (just don't want the animation to get bigger than conveniently needs to be).

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How come the posts in the view forum section still use the old smileys? The message icon i believe it is called...


also what is the eta to the back of head smack smiley? i need it soooo  :pirate:


Sometime this evening or tomorrow, I'll propose the version with the smiley who gets smacked blabbing away prior to the smack.

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Ok, here's the one with the 'blah' talkative prior to the slap  >:)




While I find it more humorous, the issue (imho) is size (the other version without the talkative 'blah' is a cozy ~2.5k, while this one is a tad hefty at 5.4k). So while I enjoy this second one more, I think the original is more practical from a file size standpoint.


Delayed Posting Edit: I tried a 3rd version (which is shorter physically as well as in total frames as compared to version 2) and sits in at a more comfortable ~ 3.3k:



So for me, my vote is for 1st or 3rd version.




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