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Readfile returns HTTP/1.1 404 with some existing URLs

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Hi there.

I am trying to retrieve a document hosted in a different domain. I own
both of them:


Since the first one doesn't allow me to do XML/XSL transformations, I
use the second one for that. I wanted to use Readfile to retrieve the
results of a transformation I do in "syndicarts" and then show them in
a page hosted in "ls-art".

This is the scenario:

---LS-Art domain:
http://www.ls-art.co.uk/xslt/readfile.php attempts to open

It returns this:
Warning: readfile(http://www.syndicarts.com/xsl/test.php): failed to
open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in
/vhost/vhost1/l/s/-/ls-art.co.uk/www/xslt/readfile.php on line 11

This is the code I use (readfile.php):

ini_set('allow_url_fopen', 'on');
readfile ("http://www.syndicarts.com/xsl/test.php");

---Syndicarts domain:
I have this file http://www.syndicarts.com/xsl/test.php, which performs
a transformation and shows the results. I've tried to retrieve a static
page, called results.html in the same folder with the same results.

* Changing permissions to the target file. It has read permission.
* I've tried to retrieve the contents of http://www.syndicarts.com/ (it
is index.php). It works fine... so it is not that this domain doesn't
allow remote access. I have tried to move test.php to the root folder,
since there was no problem retrieving the default page. It didn't work.
I have created a subdomain pointing to "xsl" folder, and changing
test.php to index.php. It doesn't work.
* I have tried to open a stream from another website:


I have tried to find an answer for this and I've seen many people with
the same problem. What I don't get is, why can I open some documents
but I can't open this one? Does the target file need to have some kind
od special code or return the data in a special way?

Please, any help with this would be much appreciated. The last option
could be to host the documents that need transformation in
"Syndicarts", but I would like to keep everything on its place.

Thank you very much,

Luis Serrano
Web Developer
Ls-Art.com / Ls-Art.co.uk / Syndicarts.com / WTraveller.com

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1. contact your host and ask them.
2. contact the company of the third party and try there support.
3. The best advice could be to rebuild it yourself
4.  sessions??

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