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variable transfer between files with out form. help

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i wanted an onmouseclick event to send a specific file name to the second php file to show the pic whose discription was clicked!..
for example:
[code]<div id="Vidur_Naughty_smile" style="position: absolute; top: 287px; left: 551px; width:248px">
<SPAN id=Vidur_Naughty_smilespop
style=" CURSOR: hand; COLOR: green"
onclick = javascript:window.open("notyetready.html","blank","toolbar=no,width=250,height=250")
onmouseout=oPopup.hide()><font color=yellow>{</font>Vidur making a face at
Akku's place<font color=yellow>*}</font></SPAN>
here in the onclick event i need to open a new window with "Vidur_Naughty_smile" picture opened.
i have a couple of such divs so was planning to use php to make only one new window html with dynamic pictures depending on what the viewer clicks..
how do i go about it.. ?

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[quote author=onlyican link=topic=102987.msg409645#msg409645 date=1154708591]
you can use the GET method
Thanks done that! :-)

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