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form POST and Internet Explorer

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Hi everyone.

I'm at a loss here.

I have a form, that runs on a POST method and the action="<? echo $PHP_SELF; ?>"

the site is on a redhat enterprise server running apache 2.0.53
mod_ssl is running and we have a cert for the site.
we also authenticate users.

I've read on the microsoft KB that this used to be an issue with a dll but that was before SP2 had come out.

We are all running IE Version: 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp.050301-1521

When running a POST method with Internet Explorer it (about 75% of the time) will immediately go to a "Page cannot be display" error page.  It doesn't even seem to try to go out to the site it's that fast...

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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