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BlackBerry and your Apps


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Right, well I'm interested to see who has blackberry's and what apps you like.  To help people give us your blackberry model so that we will know right away if the app you have will work for us.


Blackberry Curve 8330 - Verizon/Alltel


Shazam - Love having the ability to figure out the name/artist of a song.  Only 4.99 usd if you want unlimited song tags, else the free trial allows 5 successful tags per month.


Yahoo Messenger

Google Talk



Mobile Banking


google maps

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I have an iPhone 3G, but I think the same policy applies:




CBS Sports

ScoreCenter (ESPN)





3 pages of games





Night Stand


Cydia (my phone is JailBroken)



The only app that I've purchased is a game called Streetball.

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Do you guys actually IM on your phones?


When I was in college I used AIM all the time.  Sometimes if I'm laying on the couch watching TV I'll sign on.  There are certain occasions when it comes in handy.  There's also another app that handles most of the different protocols, similar to Pidgin.


I thought that was what texts were for?


Why pay for texts when this is free?

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Mine is a company phone... I asked them to cover the monthly costs if I bought a BB on my own and they just threw an iPhone at me.  :)


Well remember the attendance discussion we had?  It is great for when I go out of town or experience an internet outage I can alert Dan or someone on GTalk.  Or if people really need to get in touch with me they have my IM and mobile.  Also, I don't give everyone my cell number, like people online, so they have my IM name.  Then i can just log off when I get bugged or annoyed. 

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When you're on an unlimited plan and most people you know aren't on IM 24-7, it seems like an obvious answer.


I was actually referring to myself, not you.  The people I communicate with are on the majority of the time (you can just leave yourself signed in and receive alerts when you are IMed).  If not, I shoot them a text or call if I need to talk to them.  For me, there's no point to have unlimited texts.

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i have google maps, and that's about it (blackberry curve). it's a company phone so i avoid putting anything that uses an exceptional amount of bandwidth, and i'm also under the umbrella of the company's proxy, so i can't use a number of the other handy apps (like google chat or facebook).


as for messaging, i use blackberry messenger just to keep in touch for free with friends back home.

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I've got a Bold with Google Maps, MSN and Google Sync (syncing my Google Apps - calendar, contacts - account with my BB, works like a charm). I rarely send an SMS any more, everybody has a blackberry.. Ok, maybe not *everybody*... Just to start an Apple fanboy flame war: the IPhone sucks (hell, just to provoke a little more: Apple sucks). How can anyone be expected to do any decent typing with a touchscreen? If you want a cool new toy, get an IPhone, I you want to organize yourself and email/IM on the road, get a Blackberry (not counting the Blackberry Storm).


[looks around nervously, expecting to be beaten to death with a hammer]

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I don't have a blackberry. Or iphone.  I have a retarded samsung gravity




Its battery runs out in like 30m (okay that's exaggerating but seriously it runs out in like an hour) and the volume needs to be like twice as loud as it can go.  And the manual claims it can use 4gb microSD cards but it will only recognize 2gb.  And it doesn't have a regular usb charger so if I lose my charger I have to pay extra money for one. And earpiece, as it uses the same plug.  Apparently Samsung doesn't quite understand the concept of locking your phone.  I press the * for a couple seconds to lock the keys right, but if I slide it open even a microfraction it unlocks (so it gets unlocked all the time when in a tighter pocket or pocket full of other stuff or even just holding the damn thing).  And I tried memory card, bluetooth and direct cable connect; can't even install a fucking game on it unless I go through t-mobile's stupid game download place.  And they offer a scant collection of different flavors of CRAP.  I don't even mind paying for the damn game, but they don't even offer anything good.


I'd like to get a blackberry but I really can't justify it.  Can't really even justify having a cell phone at all, working from home.  I originally got it thinking hey, I need a dedicated phone line for work, so why not just get a cell phone, no? I do have to call in to meetings on a regular basis but it's been my estimation that I could have just as easily used my home phone and it wouldn't have conflicted with anybody.  When I first bought it, I got this unlimited everything under the sun plan, thinking hey, work from home, gonna need it, right?  Next month into it I changed my plan to the lowest one they have, and I still don't even use half of that.  Like 100m a month I use.  But I'm stuck in this stupid contract for a while.  Ah well, live and learn.

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my roommate has an HTC and he hates it.  My manager also had one and he had to replace it 4 times because of mfg problems.  :-/  I don't know if the Hero is an improvement, but you never know till you try.  Just be sure to read reviews and do some research because having to change phones and copy all your stuff over sucks.

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I love my HTC phone, even with Windows mobile (I know.... everyone thinks I'm crazy for that) I plan to upgrade mine to a newer model as soon as AT&T allows me to have a discount ;)


I just wish there were more free apps for WinMo.

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