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Help a newbie please :)

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I am a total newbie and I need to create a small web-application which will let users (authenticated) to enter data into a daily progress chart.

This data is used to calculate certain values (arithmetically) for example an user might enter the number of tasks completed today and the application is required to calculate the balance tasks due after deducting completed numebr from the expected number.

Now the app is also required to calculate the cumulative pending tasks by lookingup the previous day's database.

I can create the mysql tables but have no idea as to how to perform these operations using php :(

Any hints/guides/ideas will be much appreciated :)

Thanks in advance! :)


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I would suggest learning some basic php first. There are quite a few good tutorials on this site. Take a look at a couple to do with membership systems as that will certainly be part of your application. It will also help teach you the basics.

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