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help im a newbie : >


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I'm looking around everywhere for a really simple kind of php script where an admin can sign in, and edit parts of the website via text only.
eg. he signs in and wants to change the home text in a text box he types "welcome to blah blah" and it'll show up on the home page.

I've been editing othe scripts, searched for a script like this.. and gave up
help would be very apreciated.
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If you wanna start creating your own cms system I suggest you first find the best information you can get on cms system's and use: http://www.mamboserver.com as a startingpoint, dig into the code, try to translate what you see and try to understand it! I did it a few times, it helped me at a few points also http://www.getvanilla.com is another nice startingpoint this is a forum however...
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Actually i dont think its that hard...
The VERY simple one I think is: (pseudo code)
set up the db
make the fields
and edit

So like you could have db with teh fields: id, txt, eTime; setting id as autoincremement.
and then for every post you set up, add an id. and then when you want to modify it, just use the sql query with: "UPDATE dbname SET txt='$text', eTime=now()";
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