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PHP and SendMoney Paypal

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Here is the thing

I have an affiliation script.
There is an Admin page, where he can see each username, and how much money is owed to the customer from affilates

I know my way round php. I have the script built to show the username and amount owed to the user

What I am looking to do is

Have a btn or something so the admin can click this, the script then goes to Admins paypal account, Sends money to the user using the email address and amount, then PayPal sends back to my script Paid or something

I have seen thousands of scripts / tutorials about script which are more of a shopping cart thing, I dont want this, I want to send money from Admins account.

I have looked and from what I can see IPN does not parse any data when Send Money is used

What I have been able to do is parse the Users Email and amount into the Send Money form, but this means admin has to manually confirm payment himself. and I like scripts where I do more work to make the upkeep easier and less work

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We all understand what your doing but the point off paypal is for the user to pay there self via a button to paypal that why paypal is so secure for payments and is used heavly.

When a user hits paypal they have to enter there information and password therefore your asking for a code that the user provides their privert information to get a payment via the adimn payment page via yor website this will not be praticall,

I said on the last post that on paypal site you can use there forum that the designers of paypal are there, i asked your quistion on the forum and i was told that this would be aginst paypal's payment rules sorry.

paypal exspect all payments from the user that is paying live there and then.

what i understand as what you got your code setup as you can manualy pay a payment manualy for paypal user account is a payment infrengement aginst the use of paypal so your lucky you got that.

there is no way off paying users money into your account your self as a admin the user that pays you gotto be the one paying ok.

even if a user was to setup a subscription on your site its the user that is directed to payapl to autharise that subscription.

there are meny other credit card payment gateways that do let you do what you wont but the cost off the service will verry  but in this instance paypal will not allow a user to directly pay money into there account via other users deatails.

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Thanks, What forum you using for paypal?
I asked on 2 different ones I found, and there has been no action in the forums for a couple of days

I will do it where the Admin hits a button which will complete the Send Money form. Thats why i cant find any information on it


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use the link login to paypal then goto all forums ok.

good luck mate.


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