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[SOLVED] Closing a Frameset


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Hopefully a simple question

How can I take a page that has frames and collapse or close them without clsoing the browser window


I am using a frame

i have an expense image on the left and a voucher on the right

when the voucher saves successfully it redirects to the index but the frame for the image is still open


for example:


<?php //echo "trying to call ".$expenseimage1."<br />";?>
  <!-- left frame  which is the image frame-->
   <FRAME SRC="expense_image1.php" NAME=ExpenseImage>

  <!-- right frame is another frameset -->
  <!-- rows for horizontal divisions -->
  <FRAMESET ROWS="1200,*">

    <!-- top frame -->
<!--    <FRAME SRC="titlebar.html" NAME=titlebar SCROLLING=NO> -->
<?php echo "trying to call ".$expenseimage2."<br />";?>
    <!-- bottom frame -->
    <FRAME SRC="expense_image_2.php" NAME=Expense>

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how is PHP calling it? with a header('Location: ...') redirect?

let me rephrase

the previous page calls a header redirect then the filenames are in <FRAME SRC="expense_image_2.php" NAME=Expense>

and <FRAME SRC="expense_image_1.php" NAME=Image>

this calls the 2 files into the frames (of course the code is not next to each other see the 1st post for the location

any other data is passed via session to the 2 pages called where it loads the info in seperate frames

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i found an answer on the page its going to insert this java code  after the body starts and it breaks the frames!


if (window!= top)


That's not java.

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