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I need a Thread help

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Hi All,
I am new to this forum..seems here i will find a solution.

I need to refresh an xml file , grabbed from one website., in every 15 minutes. My website is taking data from this xml file and displays the stock information. As the loading and parsing takes some delay , i thought of refreshing the xml in every 15 mintes without affecting my website display.

I thought of having some thread class(as in Java) which keeps on calling the function in every 15 minutes. Is this a good solution?

Also when i save the xml file how can i write to the file without causing any access problems to the website users.


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yeah you could do that or make a little perl script to grab the xml and store it local.. also you could store date and time of the xml update in a database and then check that to see if it was over 15minutes when user loads the page and if so then update and update the database therefore it will only load slow if a user loads the page and data is over 15minutes old.


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