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getElementById troubles(solved)

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Ok, i have solved my previous problem but have another so i might as well just modify this topic.

why does this:
work, and not this:

As i understand it, you shouldn't use all anymore, but use getElementById, and certainly Firefox gives a warning although it still functions.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Ben

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Try to stick to methods and props defined in the DOM level 2 W3C recommendation, and implement fixes for IE.

[code]document.getElementById('due').nodeValue = date;[/code]

Should work in at least IE6 and FF, not sure about all versions of IE5.

You might have to use a little [url=http://"http://javascriptkit.com/javatutors/objdetect2.shtml"]object detection[/url].

Some older versions of IE use the "document.all" model, which sucks, but is better than nothing:

[code]if (!document.getElementById) {
      if(!document.all)  {
        //DOM not supported :'(
            else {
            //Document.all model
        else {
        //W3C DOM
        document.getElementById('due').nodeValue = date;

FF did partly adopt Microsoft's document.all model for older sites still using it.

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Thanks for your help although it seems i must have made a typo when trying what i did above, as that is working fine now in both FF and IE6.

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