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Dynamic Categories

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I'm making a site where users will be able to post articles that they write. I would like to set it up where they could add there article to the existing categories, or add it to a new category that they create. I believe I have my table set up correctly for this to work, but I can't figure out how to get it to display they way I that I would like:


Democratic Politics

dem article 1

dem article 2


Republican Politics

rep article 1

rep article 2


Foreign Politics

foreign politics article



I currently have two tables for this part of the application. Categories and Articles.

Categories has 2 columns, a UniqueID and the category. Users can add a new category which of course generates a new UniqueID.


In the Article Table, I have a CategoryValue column, so when a user selects what category they want to post there article in, the entry in the Article table gets assigned the correct CategoryValue.


example of Article Table entry


UniqueID | Article | Category Value | PostedBy


345 ... |Dem Article|1 ..... | .... admin



I think I have everything set up correctly up until this point. I'm somewhat at a loss now because I haven't been able to manipulate Dreamwever to output my information in the








format that I would like.


I have been successfull up until this point in using DW almost entirely for member sites like this(aside from writing some minor conditional statments). I'm starting to think I need to 'hand code' this part of the application. I went back to my PHP books to try to figure out how to accomplish this goal, but it seems like this is a little more advanced than curriculum of my "for Dummies" book . If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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