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Help with sending an array variable from page to page


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I've heard to accomplish sending array variables from page to page in PHP, you need to use serialize() and unserialize().  Is this try?  Here's my example.


Imagine in one page I generate an array $names[].  It contains a list of names obviously.  How do I use serialize() and unserialize() to pass this array from page to page so I can later use a loop to display each element of the array?



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$serialized = serialize($names);
$unserialized = unserialize($serialized);


Another option would be storing the _POST values:

$_SESSION['_POST'] = array_merge($_SESSION['_POST'], $_POST);//merges the new _POST with the already existing values. Note: if key exist in _SESSION[_POST] it will be overwritten

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Yes, that is a good way to store arrays (if you only need the array as is) although you will still need to find a way to pass the variable between the pages. Either by posting a form, saving it in a session or cookie or storing it in a text file or a database. Which alternative you would want to use depends on the situation of course.

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