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A few functions

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Hello im new here and am just looking for somehelp with a few functions:

[A] To create a file (directory) through php.
[B] To delete a file (directory) through php.
[C] Copy a file (.php) through php from one folder to another.

- Thanks, Daniel

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ok well you can use mkdir for the creation of a directory. Now as far as Deleting a file. I don't know and would love to know. Give me a minute and I will write you a function for createing a directory and copying a file to it. Is this script going to be on a linux/unix server or windows?

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here you go. This will create a dir with the name of a session variable and will read an old file and then copy that file to the new directory.

function newDir() {
  function openfile() {
      $filename = "path\to\old\file\whatever.php";
  $handle = fopen($filename, "r+b");
  $res = fread($handle, filesize($filename));
  return $res;
  function newfile() {
      $file = "path/to/new/dir/" . $_SESSION['username'] . "/whatever.php";
  $fp = fopen($file, "x+b");
  $contents = openfile();
  $write = fwrite($fp, $contents);
  if (!$write) {
      $result = "false";
      $result = "true";
  return $result;
  /*I am going to assume that you are going to
  use session variables to name the directory.
  I will use $_SESSION['username'] */
  $dir = mkdir("path/to/new/dir/" . $_SESSION['username'] . "", 0700);
  //this is assuming that you are using a linux box
  if (!$dir) {
      $result = "Unable to create the directory. You may not have permission to do so";
  $create = newfile();
  if ($create = "false") {
      $result = "Unable to ether create the new file or the old file does not exsit";
      $result = "Your new directory was created";
  return $result;
$result = newDir();
echo "$result";       

I hope this helps.  If anyone knows how to delete a directory or file, please post a snippett.

Good Luck,

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I just looked at my post and the damn layout of the script got all messed up when I posted it. Why does this happen? Is there a way around it?

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