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Trouble with an if then statement

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#1 anthonydamasco

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Posted 07 August 2006 - 01:05 PM

I'm basicly trying to get this script to work

My MySQL table is called 'joborder' and the field is 'checkedby' by default 'checkedby' is set to post "no one" Basicly I want an if then statment to do this

If 'checkedby' == value "No one" Then echo ' '
Else include "checkid.html"

but I dont know the correct way to do it.


$checkedby = $my_row['checkedby'];

	  if($checkedby == 'no one')
   echo '';

but i know im doing something wrong.

#2 Orio

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Posted 07 August 2006 - 01:07 PM

$checkedby = $my_row['checkedby'];
if(strtolower($checkedby) != "no one"){

Think you're smarty?

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#3 radalin

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Posted 07 August 2006 - 01:13 PM

Well try using "No one" instead of "no one". PHP is a case sensitive language just like dbs.
Maybe there is a problem with your default post at "no one" try echoing the data you fetch first. See what it's even a space character can break that if statement. "no  one" != "no one".
Above that logic looks ok
Roy Simkes
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