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Ive been looking for a way to open a link on a page without having the whole page reload. For example the link would be in the navigation, (part of the header include) and would swap out the include for the body:

<?php include(header.txt);?> //would have the link
[color=red]<?php include(home.txt);?>[/color] //link would change this to:  [color=green]<?php include(info.txt);?>[/color]
<?php include(footer.txt);?>

Is there any way to do this that isnt overly complicated? I've tried using layers but the layers wouldnt properly resize the page, same with iframes.

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Uhhhh you could do
$act = $_GET['act'];
if(!isset($act)) { $act = "home"; }
if($act = "home") { include("home.txt"); }
elseif ($act = "info") { include("info.txt"); }
else { echo "Inccorrect act."; }
the page would have to reload for that though.... Youre best bet is using javascript i think...

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Much neater to use a swtch:
[code=php:0]// check that $_GET['act'] exists, if it does use its value, else set a defualt value
$act = isset($_GET['act']) ? $_GET['act'] : 'home';

// now we check the value of act
    // think of this as an if statement that says if $act is equal to home, or info or pruducts include $act.php
    case 'home':
    case 'info':
    case 'products':
        include $act . '.php';
    // and this as the else bit
    case defualt:
        die("Invalid value for act");

however the page will still reload to get the new content

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