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Need help on file upload in PHP with HTML form: SOLVED!

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Hi everyone,
In an attempt to upload multiple files from a HTML form I can't access file['tmp_name'] more than once ?!

Here's what I'm trying:
[code]foreach($_FILES as $image){
if($image['tmp_name'] != ""){

$uploadPath = '../images/products/';
$smallImage = uploadFile($image["tmp_name"], $uploadPath);
$mediumImage = uploadFile($image["tmp_name"], $uploadPath);
$largeImage = uploadFile($image["tmp_name"], $uploadPath);

I can post the rest of the functions if needed. This only gives me $smallImage on the server, $mediumImage and $largeImage don't exist (empty strings, no filename returned by uploadFile). Does this have anything to do with the time needed to upload the first image?

phpversion = 4.3.10
provider = Lycos.nl

Thanks in advance for looking at my code attempt.

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Make sure that your form fields got names like [code]<input type="file" name="image[]" />
<input type="file" name="image[]" />
<input type="file" name="image[]" />[/code]

Then you can get the information about the file this way:
echo $_FILES['name'][0]; // File 1
echo $_FILES['name'][1]; // File 2
echo $_FILES['name'][2]; // File 3
[/code] etc.

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Thanks Daniel0, that makes sense.
But it doesn't explain why the first call to $image['tmp_name'} succeeds and the remainig two don't. Or am I missing the point here?
The problem is I use multiple form input fields to send multiple files. Each time a file is browsed from the local drive it's displayed in a file list on the site through a javascript and it looks like the same input field used to browse the file is empty again. It's stick-man's multifile javascript (http://the-stickman.com/web-development/javascript/updated-upload-multiple-files-with-a-single-file-element/).

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Basically if you dont use the form field name as an array IE <input type="file" name="Image[]"> the php script will only loop through 1 of the file boxes as It has no idea there are others to look through

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Right, but still, I'm using only one file box right now and call the same variable 3 times (even echo doesn't do anything). I changed the page to a form with one input box  (removed the javascript) with a name file_1, pass it through POST with $_FILE['file_1']['tmp_name'] and put it in $files. If I echo $files 3 times I get the tmp_name once and two empty lines ????

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Found out wat I was doing wrong. The function [i]move_uploaded_file[/i] deletes files from the tmp directory that is used to store the POST $_FILES. I was trying to send that file to my upload function ::). Got around it by uploading only one file and usnig the[i] copy[/i] function to create two duplicates which can then be resized....

Sounds like an awful lot of work for what I wanted to do. I'm sure there's an more efficient way but this'll do for now. I am using the methods described by Daniel0 and glenelkins now (thanks again both of you!).

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