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A spot of help, please?

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I'm currently developing a script for a trading card system. This system is meant for virtual card collecting. For an example of what I mean, please see http://www.enyx.org/index.php

That is an example of the outcome. However, that isn't my website, and that is all hand done - no databases, except for the user login, and it's totally edited by hand.

I've built basically the back-bone for the script. However, I need to incorporate features that I have no idea how to do. My whole script so far has been a 'google-it-and-learn' experience but there are limits to what I can do.

I can show you the script source, I can show you what I've done, and I can show you it's current progress but only on request. No offense to anyone, I just don't want my hard work to go under someone else's name.

Here is my list of what's left to do:

1) Admin panel
  + Content Management
  + Link Managment
  + Card Management
  + User Management
  + Game Management
  + Options (Site title, Theme, Etc.)
2) More fields for user profiles
3) Better personal messenger interface
4) Refferals
5) Small, simple forum (http://www.despair.nu/mb.php)

I know this is a lot, an extremely long and tedius task. I also know this is sounding more like a request for someone to do it - suffer no delusions, I am not asking for you to make the script for me. I'm simply asking for help on taking what I have and upgrading it.

As I said, ask for what you need, but please don't take advantage of me. I'm not brand new to php and I'm no expert. I'm simply asking for your help.

Thank you in advance for all help.

And, for now, the script can be seen in action here http://www.the-silence.org/wingardium

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