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Upgrading and such.

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Well I thought this posted last night, but it must not have. Anyway...:)

I am seeking help in familiarizing myself with a PHP upgrade. I have an older version with missing components (or they are just not active) and need to get the latest and greatest with everything running.

I am not computer stupid, but I am not familiar enough with the PHP and MySQL softwares to risk an upgrade that could potentially harm my existing server.

I had someone who helped with this for several years and he bailed and left us with no information or help. I am familiar enough with the software to work around in it some, but not familiar enough with linux/apache to do the upgrade. The other downside is that there is no GUI installed on the box so everything is command line that make it much more difficult.

I am seeking someone that can help with the upgrades, explain the process to myself so that I may do them forever more, and also possibly get my GUI going on the linux box so that I may do them through there much easier in the future. Also a MySQL upgrade might be needed so that would be cool too.

I am limited on funds, but can possibly work something out and pay for the services. Once this is finished I have several projects that will actually start generating revenue to pay for it.

Any help would be awesome and I will be checking these forums regularly from now on.

Thank you in advance.
Chris Wallace

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