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Troubleshooting system

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Hello everyone!  :)

I am looking for a troubleshooting system for a website, something along the lines of a "tree structure" i guess:

maybe like:
what are you having a problem with? (and then some options - links)

- planes
- boats
- cars
- helicopters[/color]

and then you can click the option you want (let's say airplanes) and it will lead to another page:

[color=blue]what problems are you having with planes?

-air sickness
-boring movies
-bad food
-crampy chairs[/color]

and then you choose another option (let's say bad food) and it will again lead to another page:

[color=green]Recommended solution:

Bring your own food from home for the flight.[/color]

see what i'm going for here?

does something like this exist?

shouldn't be too hard to program i think.... I could perhaps program it in pascal but i'm no good in real life applications (so much for life prepareness in school...)

I would appreciate your help guys!


p.s. Thank you "BugMeNot" -> this is a cool firefox extension! saves time!

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Come on m8, this is a very very very simple program to write in PHP/MySql!

You could have seperate tables in a database for each answer for example:

TABLE1: MainProblems
Field1: ID
Field2: Problem

TABLE2: SecondLevelProblems
Field1: ID
Field2: MainProblemId
Field3: SecondLevelProblem

etc etc

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yeah but the thing is i have infinitesimal php coding skills.

I was looking for a system with all the admin section already written....

i assumed this would be pretty popular, but i havn't been able to find anything....

whenever i search google for "php troublshooter" it'll just pop up stuff about troubleshooting php scripts  :-\  ???

if you know of a ready made system this would help alot, though if push comes to shove and there is nothing out there, i will right something myself while learning php on the fly.... that could take months....  :P

any help would be apreciated!

Thanks again!


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I know this isn't really appropriate but I would like to give this one more chance to be read by people by bumping it up...

I really need help on this.

Please If you can help me :)


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