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unset() doesnt work on global variables?

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I use a variable $x inside my function. the $x that it is refering to is the global one, as it is declared by global keyword. but unsetting a global variable seem to not unset the variable outside of the function. is this true?

here is an example. prints out:

Before function 10
Inside function 10
Change Inside function 20
Unset Inside function (<<<<-PHP Notice:  Undefined variable)
Outside function 20 (Should be undefined here, right?)

$x = 10;

echo "\nBefore function ". $x;

function change(){
global $x;
echo "\nInside function ". $x;

$x = 20;
echo "\nChange Inside function ". $x;

echo "\nUnset Inside function ". $x;

echo "\nOutside function ". $x;


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I suggest you read the manual again


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doh i was a little woozy at the time reading it, so i glanced at the following lines and read right by them heh.
"If a globalized variable is unset() inside of a function, only the local variable is destroyed. The variable in the calling environment will retain the same value as before unset() was called.
If you would like to unset() a global variable inside of a function, you can use the $GLOBALS array to do so:

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