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Okay I am doing some finishing touches on this script. It is a review script. Here is how it works:


1.User Types a Review

2.Script sends out a email verification to user

3.After email is verified, Review goes into pending, and sends a email to admin

4.Admin either accepts review, or denies it.

5.Script sends out a email to the user telling them they have been accepted or denied.


Telling you guys how this works, might help you help me.


In the script, after step 1 it adds a record to the database, but I need to know the id before it is added for the URLs, so I made a function that generates the ID from getting the last entry plus one. Here is that function:


function getId(){
$q = mysql_query("SELECT MAX(id) FROM `reviews`");
$f = mysql_fetch_array($q);
return $f['0']+1;


Does my systems with the IDs sound stable, or should I go a different route of some sorts?

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Does my systems with the IDs sound stable


Nope. If you have multiple concurrent visitors you cannot guarantee that the number you just got that way will be the next available id at that time you use it.


You need to actually insert a row first, then get the id of that row (mysql_insert_id) in order to guarantee that the id is accurate for all concurrent instances of your script.

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